Lets Do Some Aerobics!

There are many times in your life that you might want to have the help of a personal trainer, and doing aerobic exercise is certainly one of those times. This is a situation in which a personal trainer can really help you get the most out of your fitness goals and can really help you figure out where you should go next when it comes to working out.

It is very easy to find a trainer to help you with your aerobic exercise. The most important thing is that you are able to find a trainer that understands who you are and can help you be the best that you can be. There are many types of trainers that might fit this idea, so you have to be sure that you find one that really makes you feel comfortable. It might seem like a trainer that stresses you out would be good for your working out, but in the long run you might end up getting more frustrated and you might not end up doing as well as you’d like to do.

2012-2-14-CouplesWorkout-01_1The point of having a personal trainer is that you are really allowed to be yourself and to do the best that you can do on your own. This means that you have to be willing to work with the aid of a trainer, but when it comes down to it you have to be able to take care of yourself and get yourself in better shape. Your person trainer must be someone who is going to encourage you but also someone who is going to be willing to let you be yourself and work at your own pace.

When you have a personal trainer for aerobic exercise, you can count on one thing-you are going to have motivation. Often, aerobic exercise is something that is easy to forget about and something that is easy to put on the back burner because of other things that come up. With your personal trainer you’ll find that it is much harder to get out of working, so you are going to be more likely to get your workout done. As long as you can find a personal trainer that is willing to work with you and that is willing to work with any conditions that you might have, you will find that this can be most beneficial for you and you’ll be able to be very happy when it comes to the amount of work that you have done.


Basics Of Netball

NetballNetball is a game played by two opposing teams of seven players each. It is believed to have evolved from basketball. The game is more common with women than men although men in some regions do play the game. Internationally, the game is governed by a body known as, international netball federation (INF) which was formed in the year 2011. The game is played in a rectangular field with goal posts at each of the two short sides.

It is played for a total time of 60 minutes divided in to four quarters of fifteen minutes each. There is an allowance of 5 minutes between the second and the third quarter as the half time and 3 minutes between the other quarters. In case of an injury, a maximum of two minutes can be given. An umpire or a player can call time and the game s paused.

Netball rules

A netball court is divided in to thirds and the players are assigned roles in the different sections of the field. Each player wears a “bib’’ which shows an abbreviation of her role in the team. The abbreviations on the bibs as below:-

· GS– This player is the goal shooter and is allowed in own goal third including the goal circle. The player is responsible for shooting scores and should coordinate closely with the goal attack.

· GA– A goal attack player plays at the center and also at own goal third. He helps the goal shooter to shoot scores.

· C– The center player is allowed all over except the goal circles. She starts the game after a goal is scored and she is a key player in defending their team.

· WA– This is a wing attack player responsible for moving the ball from the center to the attacking position. The player is allowed at the center and own goal thirds excluding the goal circle.

· WD– This is a wing defender responsible for blocking plays from the opponent team. She is allowed to play at the center and opponent’s third but not in the goal circle.

· GD-She plays at the center and at the opponent’s goal thirds and assists the goal keeper in defending a goal attack.

· GK– A goal keeper also coordinates with the goal defender to prevent the opponent from scoring. She is allowed to play in the enemy goal thirds including the goal circle.


In order to win in netball, a team must score more goals than its opponent and it is only the two players allowed in the goal circle who can score. This game needs a good mastery of the passes in order to have a better hand in the game. It also needs good fitness especially for the center player because she plays both defensive and offensive game. Netball is truly a mental game and interesting to watch.